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We have hundreds of miles of great trails right in our backyard. Maintained entirely by volunteers from local clubs, the trail system runs all over the county, connecting north and heading towards Canada. As long as mother nature cooperates and gives us plenty of white stuff the Trails are open from mid December until the last snow of the spring.

Your ride starts in Andes, right behind the Hotel, steps from your room, cutting a path through the woods, pristine pastures, frozen streams winding through the trees. As you work your way towards Bovina you will crest two Ridges where you can stop for a break and look on for miles at the snow covered mountains of the western Catskills, descending into the valleys, you cross into a landscape dotted with barns and farmhouses, cows milking in the parlors and sheep scurrying across open meadow. There isn’t a better way to see the unspoiled beauty of a Catskill’s winter day than on a snowmobile…

Unlike most trail systems further north, the trails in Delaware County run over primarily private land. It is important to respect the properties that we cross and appreciate the generosity of the property owners, without them we have no trails. So when the snow flies, get up to Andes, The Hotel sits right on the trail, the only hotel Restaurant that does, and we are open for Lunch, Dinner and Lodging Seven days a week, year round.

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